Monday, May 13, 2013

me-made-may '13 - may 9th - 13th & a new maxi-skirt

Well first off, let me show you what I'm wearing right now:

Ahh, the beauty that is an iPhone-bedroom-mirror-self-portrait. Here is my new jersey, fold-over waistband maxi-skirt. I LOVE it! I put it on as soon as I got home from work. I used a soft, grey, rib-knit I got on a $1.95/yard sale at, and the included skirt pattern by Meg McElwee from my Sewing with Knits class on The pattern is for a knee-length or mini skirt, so I taped some newsprint to the bottom of the skirt pattern and continued the line to a maxi-length. I did find that with this rib knit I could not get the fit tight enough for the skirt to stay up, even after taking 5 or 6 inches off the waistband from the original pattern. I'm learning that different knit fabrics using the same pattern will yield very different fits. I ended up sewing an additional line of stitching in the seam allowance to create a casing for some 1/4 inch elastic. Problem solved! I will SOOO be making more of these for summer, or maybe skipping the fold-over waistband all together and making strait-up elastic waist maxi-skirts.

Now on to my Me-Made-May update, and I'm exceeding my pledge of a handmade garment two day per week!

On Thursday, May 9th I wore my teal denim Simplicity 2258 to work.

Friday, May 10th, I both made the above maxi-skirt AND wore it out with friends that evening! Double win!

And on Sunday May 12th I wore the these-are-not-jegging yoga jeans when lounging and working around that house, and slipped on my previously mentioned spring ruffle skirt when I went out. 'Cause my yoga jeans look good, but not quite where-outside-of the-house-without-looking-scrubby good.

I'm already planning on wearing my new Butterick 5885 tomorrow for my usual Me-Made-Tuesday... I am so rocking MMM '13!

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