Friday, May 3, 2013

another present?

Yup! I made another present! Who knew I was that generous? This time it's for my brother's fiance. (They are getting married this August and this girl is a bridesmaid, so keep posted for a killer handmade bridesmaid dress!)

We were out at the Mall and she spotted this awesome teal sleeveless tank top at Macy's. It looked great on her, and had a cute just-the-right-size bow on the neckline, but she was not going to pay nearly $40 for a tank top! So....
I used Simplicity 2116, a simple tank pattern. It was really easy, just two pattern pieces. The instructions were to sew up the side and shoulder seams, then turn in and hem the neck and shoulders. But wanted to take it up another level. I bought a teal polka-dot knit for the front panel and the bow (from the clearance rack, of course), and a fine off-white knit for the back and for lining. I chose to use lining so it can be worn to work without worry of undergarments showing, and just to elevate it and make it more than just a tank...  

Because if the lining, I chose to construct it a little differently. After sewing the shoulder seams on both the lining and the outer layer, I sewed the necklines right sides together and turned to get a clean, top-stitch free neckline to highlight my bow! I hope she likes it!

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