Sunday, March 22, 2015

a basic to get back in the swing of things

Has it really been since DECEMBER since I posted?!?! Oh well, I'm working on finding more time for me-sewing, not just Filbert & Maggie sewing.  Here is a Renfew I sewed up recently, nothing too exciting but it's something! It's a fairly light-weight sweater-knit, so I made it to be a casual basic in my wardrobe.

The sleeves are SOOOOO long, but can be scrunched up, and I totally puckered up the un-even hemline trying to shorten it after the fact, BUT LOOK AT THAT PERFECT NECKBINDING! I may have to re-do the bottom hem somehow, since the rest of the top came out so nice, even with the super stretchy, wiggly fabric.

I also attempted a plaid pencil skirt from a BurdaStyle US Magazine, but the fit was all funky. Any suggestions on a great, go-to pencil skirt pattern for a girl with a little bit of tummy?  Next up I think is another pair of Elle Pants in black....  not terribly exciting to read about but great basics for me! I'll try to think of something fabulous to make and post soon, maybe some of those Ginger Jeans that everyone is making right now, because who doesn't need a perfect-fitting pair of jeans?