Friday, May 17, 2013

indie pattern summer wishlist

Following many of the sewing blogs out there I've discovered so many amazing independent pattern designs.... and yet haven't bought any! This summer I pledge to buy and make at least one indie design... but which one? Here are my top contenders:

Image of 1202 Cambie Dress
One of the first blogs I discovered in the sewing blogosphere was Tasia's Sewaholic. She has SOOO many beautiful patterns that would be perfect additions to my wardrobe, but the Cambie dress I think it the perfect dress pattern. I've come across many lovely renditions on the interwebs, like these amazing versions by one of  favorite bloggers Scruffy Badger Time.
I think I will eventually need to own many from the Sewaholic line, like the Thurlow Trousers and the seemingly perfect knit Renfew Top. But before those on my indie pattern wishlist is...

The secret new Sewaholic Pattern!
The next Sewaholic pattern is out on Monday, but those who are on the mailing list (including yours truly) have had a sneak peak. I'm excited!

Collette Hazel
Another great summer dress! Don't you love the interesting seaming on the bodice? I've got a lightweight cotton stripe that would be amazing.

Avocado Hoodie
I discovered this pattern while exploring Lladybird sewing blog by Lauren, when she pattern-tested it here a few months ago.  Designed by Disparate Disciplines, it's more than a perfect fitting hoodie. It also includes back pockets for when walking with arms around your best-y on a cold day, and comes in men's and women's! I think I see a present in Mr. Sew Rachel's future (which means I'll just have to make one fore me, too. I mean... they ARE a pair!).

Eucalypt Woven Tank & Dress by Megan Neilse
I've seen a lot of folks who love Megan Neilsen and I haven't been convinced until I saw THIS new pattern! Maybe you see a simple woven tank, but I see so many possibilities! She illustrates some of those on her blog. Plus, what a great summer wardrobe staple.

Digital Download Sewing Pattern Clutch with Bow by Constructivism, $7.00
Where am I going to take it? I don't know! But look how pretty it is! 

What are some of your favorite indie patterns? Have I missed something really good?

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