Saturday, May 31, 2014

mmm'14 update #4


May 20th - My new SBCC Lemon Drop Top
May 21st - Traveling up to a fishing cabin on Moosehead Lake, so I whipped myself up a pair of easy Elle Pants in heathered grey sweatshirt fabric from my stash. Will be blogged soon!
May 22nd - What to wear at a fishing camp? A fishy top! Then I went down to my parents house... and this is their new kitten, Tuukka! 
May 23rd -  New Look 6216 again... this time with pink!
May 24th - This is actually my first time wearing this super simple maxiskirt made from McCalls 6567. I just never quite figured out how to style it without it looking frumpy. I guess a black t-shirt is always a good choice!
May 25th - Traveling to Philadelphia to see my sister! 2 hours on a bus followed by 6.5 hours on a train = comfy clothing needed! This purple lace knit skirt totally fits the bill. I made it at the beginning on my sewing/blogging journey, and it's starting to show it's age. The lace is pilling and pulling, so not good for work but perfect for a long trip!
May 26th - Sunny and in the 80's in Philadelphia! I wore a favorite me-made top out and about with my sister, including a visit to the very cool Eastern State Penitentiary MuseumTotally got a sunburn. :(
May 27th - Finally wore my silk copy-cat maxi-dress and it was another beautiful day in Philly. We visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art and a big Macy's in a beautiful, old building! (...and this photo was taken in the Macy's dressing room.) This silk/cotton fabric is sooo nice to wear, even on a hot day in the city! You can also see my me-made pleather purse that I use every day, so really I've been wearing 2 me-mades per day all this month!
May 28th - This month I pattern tested the Ella Tank by Liola Patterns.... how cool is that?!  I love the shape  of this tank pattern and the fabric print, but this one is just a little bit too big for me so I left it with my sister (damn you and your extra 7" of height!). I plan on making myself another one in a size smaller. You can learn more about this pattern here, and I also will be posting my pattern testing experience soon!
May 29th - Home on the train (which ran really late) so comfy jeans and New Look 6216 again. I snapped this picture once I was home and changed into my Christmas PJs. This month this top has been my go-to me-made for days I'm craving just a t-shirt and jeans. 
May 30th - I love this teal denim skirt made from Simplicity 2258! I made it way at the beginning of my sewing/blogging journey, even before the purple knit skirt, and not only is the fit and styling good, but I also did a really nice job with the construction and it's held up nicely to wear and washing. I'm very sad that it has the faintest of stains on the front, so I couldn't wear it to my last job without looking like a scrub... but now it's back into regular rotation! I must remember to make more of this pattern.
May 31st - Yard work today, and these same Elle sweggings (Oh yeah, I said it... sweatpant-leggings!) from May 21st are perfect. I am super pleased with how these came out, fitted but not too tight and soooo comfy! 

Well that finishes up Me Made May 2014! I'll post soon with all my outfits worn this month and overall thoughts of this year's MMM. How did you do with your MMM14 pledge?


  1. Nice work! I LOVE the idea of the Elle pants in sweatshirt fabric - that's brilliant! I was so happy to have some comfy makes this time around; that's what I missed most last year. I think I'll have to tackle jeans before MMM '15 - I had the same kind of t-shirt/jeans cravings you did :) I've got a whole year to practise...

    1. That's a great goal! Scruffy Badger made a great pair not too long ago here: and here:
      Maybe I'll make a pair for next May as well!

  2. Fab variety of outfits. That's the thing I've noticed most this year - other people wear a much larger variety of styles than I do and a lot more colour too. I identified a couple of wardrobe gaps this May but definitely my main takeaway was need to venture out into colour a bit more!!

    1. It's funny, I don't like blue, and usually don't think I look good in blue... Yet look how much blue I wore? I also has a lot of variety of situations to dress for. Last year I was still working in a senior home and had to dress business casual every day, so I definatly wore a bigger variety of items this year!