Monday, May 19, 2014

mmm'14 update #3

I promise to show some new makes very soon (I have a couple pieces nearly finished)! But in the meantime, here is a MMM'14 update:

May 13th - A light, flow-y, floral maxi-skirt, shown here after I changed to mow the lawn.
May 14th - My new Hemlock Tee
May 15th - A repeat from May 5th: a fishy, cotton Eucalypt Tank, skinny jeans and a black cardi. I love this look!
May 16th - We were delivered 20 cubic yards of dirt the day before, so I needed an outfit for gardening and housework. I screen-printed this t-shirt for the Running with Scissors Kickstarter, so it totally counts as me-made.
May 17th - Two me-altered outfits today. The dress was recently bought at a thrift store but way too big, so I took out the side zip (it was so big that I tried it on, bought it and had it home before I even noticed there was a zipper!) and took in at both sides, the waist and the sleeves. Underneath is a half-slip that the elastic had worn out of, so I sewed in some new lingerie elastic. Now if fits even better than when it was new from the store.
May 18th - A Sunday working at the art studio. My Hemlock Tee is going to become a studio staple.
May 19th - At the studio again. This time working in my grey, jersey maxi-skirt, a favorite black tank and raspberry cardigan. It was my most worn item last year, and is starting to show it. Another great studio piece now! (But not a great picture... oh well!)


  1. Again, I'm struck by the variety of styles in you've made! I must admit! I adore your thrifted but heavily altered dress. What a find! I love the colours and the fit is perfect now.

    1. Isn't that print just perfect?! And the sape inspired me to pick up a copy of the Clara Dress pattern by Sew Liberated:

  2. Some great outfits! Whatever the wardrobe gaps you've mentioned are, you're certainly filling them beautifully :)

    1. Thanks! This week I have a fishing trip followed by a trip to Philly to try to pack me-made for... a potential challage!