Monday, May 12, 2014

mmm'14 update #2

May 6th - A jersey maxi-skirt, that it looks like I never blogged. I made it in early August last year when we were living at my grandparent's house since our lease was up on our apartment, but we hadn't closed yet on our new house, so that could explain why you may not have seen it here. The fabric print is fabulous, but it pilled like crazy after even one wash, so it's perfect for a fay working in the art studio. Pretty, comfortable, but looking kind shabby.
May 7th - Another unblogged piece! I made this a very long time ago and love the fit, but the seams had started to come apart so I stopped wearing it. I was able to mend it for MMM'14 and now it's a great piece back in the wardrobe! It's made with Butterick 5826. (And the picture is with my friend Casey at Trivia night at a local Mexican restaurant. We came in second after 3 tie-breaker questions. Not too bad!)
May 8th - My Moss Mini with a lightweight cream sweater. I had taken in a little at the center back waist and yoke, and it's much more comfortable.
May 9th - An outfit repeat from May 6th. I actually started out wearing a fold-over waistband ruffle skirt that I wore a ton last Me-Made-May, by the waistband is just too loose and was driving me nuts! My style has changed in a year, since my waistline certainly isn't smaller! These photos were taken in the hotel on a weekend away in Boston.
May 10th - My new Cambie Dress! This was so comfortable to wear around town and to the aquarium with a friend. I am very pleased with this dress and I suspect it'll get a lot of wear!
May 11th - Butterick 5885.

And today is a lazy day in, wearing my slouchy, grey New Look 6216 while working on the computer writing you this update:

How's your Me-Made-May 2014 going?


  1. Looking good! I have a wiggle dress where I need to fix the hem, hoping MMM will get me to do that, since it's a great wardrobe staple! For me so far it has been going good, only being sick for 4 days really doesn't make you want to take daily pics..

    1. Feel better! we were all sick for a number of days, too (me and both bunnies). It's nice how MMM makes you get around to mending those pieces you might both otherwise.

    2. Ahh that sucks! Hope you feel better now, what did the bunnies have? I feel a lot better already :) and the sun over here is helping too!

    3. We are all much better now! The boys were experiencing GI stasis. Not good at all. Lots of hand feeding of liquid bunny food and some meds to get them going again. The fact that both had it means either a germ came in on something they ate, or they are both long-haired, shedding, social groomers who got furballs at the same time, of one got a bug and the other got it social grooming, or quite possibly one was sick and the other just decided to stop eating because that's what his best buddy was doing! But now all three of us are enjoying the sunshine and fresh air!

  2. Your me made wardrobe seems to be really versatile! Your Cambie dress is just beautiful. Glad to see you're feeling better :)

  3. Thanks! I'm definatly finding wardrobe gaps and working to fill them. And I'm so impressed with my Cambie! I'm surprised how easy it is to wear day to day!