Thursday, April 4, 2013

McCalls 6614 and other projects

Sorry for the long delay! I actually finished my purple lace McCalls 6614 a while ago, but have been too busy to take pictures and post between visiting family and friends over Easter and PAX East. So here it is! Sorry for the wrinkles. I've worn and washed it a couple times and was too lazy to iron it this morning.


I also found some fabulous striped jersey on sale at I used a free pattern from the iCandy Handmade blog to make a fabulous cardigan.


Look what a good job I did matching the stripes on the seams and the bands! I started it on my mothers serger (until I somehow broke the tension), then finished the front band an cuffs on my own regular machine, including the purple top-stitching. I wear a cardigan almost every day to work, so I was super pleased to find this pattern! I wore it to work and got tons of compliments, even before they knew that I made it!

Next post: McCalls 6359! I made it for my sister, so I'll be up on the blog as soon as she gets it!

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