Sunday, April 7, 2013

a present for my sister!

I kept telling my sister that I'll make her some cool things... after I finish making all the cool things I want to make for me. (Do you hear a little Selfish Seamstress in me?) Well, something tells me I'm NEVER going to get to the end of that every growing list. So I found this great silky print on the clearance rack at Joann Fabrics and knew it would be perfect for her. If course, there was only 1 yard left, so we decided to make a loose top to wear with skinny jeans, using McCalls 6359.


I bought some black crinkly jersey for contrast, and while I had JUST enough of my silky print to block it like it's shown on the envelope I decided to change it up a little.

What do you think? Still have the cool V detail on the back, but all print in the front! I used french seams whenever possible. It took a little over 3 hours from start to finish. This was only my second time using bias tape for the neck and arm openings and it took a lot of manipulation with the iron to get it to lay ok, but all that consider it came out pretty well!


  1. Looks great - hope your sister appreciates it. I'm the same way with having trouble putting others projects on my list above my own - its hard not being selfish.

  2. I think she did! And I also send her my lace paneled purple top from the previous post, because I knew It would look better on her than it did on me. If that's not self-less sewing I don't know what is :)