Monday, November 11, 2013

what to do with wool?

You know how sometimes you buy a piece of fabric that you love so much that you just can't decided what to do with it? I've got that right now, and could use a little guidance.

I have this super soft, lovely, wool blend. It's fairly lightweight, like a densely woven but thin flannel.


I LOVE IT! And I want to wear it this season. But because I love it so much, and paid a little bit more than i usually do, I'm feeling all this internal pressure to make something that I will not only love as much, but will get regular wear in my wardrobe.

My first thought was a high waist circle skirt, to just below the knee. It would have a vintage vibe that could be dressed up, but would it be too dressy for everyday? Sometimes you just don't know until you intruduce it into your wardrobe!  I would pattern it off this dressy skirt that I own and love for fall special occasions:
Worried that it might be too dressy for real life (although, maybe I could tottally rock it day to day.... I don't know!), I thought, "what about a midi A-line? Or one with a smidge of flair? Or knee-length slim skirt?"

Slim or A-line? I used this pattern for my slim, lace print skirt.

Maybe view C?

But then I started to think about a cozy, casual top for fall/winter. The weight could be perfect for a flannal-type button-up. I've never made a button-up blouse before, so that's a little intimidating. Would it be tricky to fit to my petite frame? Maybe this fabric would be light enough for Butterick 5826, which I previously made in a lightweight rayon that fit fabulous with very little alterations!

And then I started thinking about my new navy knit dress and how much I love to wear it with tights. Maybe I should make a cozy dress to wear with tights! I know, your thinking, "but look at all the trouble your having with your grey dress." Should I really start another dress? I may not have it finished until spring OR may run into the same frustrating fit issues! But how cute would these dressed be in cozy purple wool?

Look! "VERY EASY" It can't be that bad...

Maybe I could use the same pattern that I drafted for this three-hour dress, already altered and fitting?
So, really, what should I do with my wool? HELP!


  1. You could definitely make a circle skirt and wear it by day with a knit jumper. I love that idea!

  2. I agree that you should make the circle skirt!

  3. I hope I'm not too late for my 2c opinion! I think make a dress, with 3/4 sleeves like the Colettel Laurel or new look 6000 - or like your cute spotty dress! I think it would be so snugly to have on top!