Saturday, November 9, 2013

a pinterest make

I LOVED my maxi-skirts this summer and have been trying to find the right way to style them for fall. I was inspired by this image on pinterest: 
Image from

I had yards and yards of blue, floral challis from my mom's stash, and used McCall's 6567 to whip up a simple elastic-waist maxi skirt. My fabric doesn't read quite as blue as the inspiration outfit, so I'll have to make sure to punch up my outfit with accessories or else this look could go frumpy really quick!

I then used New Look 6216 (same pattern used for my slouchy-lace t-shirt), this time view A and added cuffs at the wrist. I had some grey, rib-knit in my stash from a $1.95/yard sale. It sewed up really great on my serger! And I did a much better job with the neck band this time!

The top is a little long for me, so after these pictures were taken I shortened it just a few inched and finished it with a band so it fit a little more snug right above my hips. I'm really loving this simple pattern! I think it will be my new go-to casual top pattern, although I have a Renfew project planned for the near future....

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