Monday, November 11, 2013

problems with my slow sewing

You may remember that, although punctuated by quick, instant gratification projects, I've been working very slowly on  McCalls 6503, inspired by a pin on in a woven, grey, linen-like fabric. I'm allowing myself to take the time to practice good construction and techniques... or that was the plan at least.

I had the bodice beautifully constructed, all hand basted then PERFECTLY top-stitched in place. (I thought I had a picture, too....). Then I was able to try it on and it fit TERRIBLY! The waist was right, but from there up everything was huge. I should have known to shorten the bodice right on the paper pattern, I'm 5" tall!  So with everything so meticulously top-stitched, I opted to carefully cut a new neck, shoulder and arm opening a full inch down, all without unpicking the side seams or mid-drift. So much for good technique....

After all that, the bust will still too baggy! (I call pants with a baggy seat "diaper butt".... and all I could think of was that I had "diaper boobs!) I tacked the shoulders up another inch, and still diaper boobs! I was ready to throw the whole project away... except I really wanted this dress! And really, maybe practicing slow sewing is not really about executing everything perfectly, but taking the time to problem solve and achieve good fit and not just throw it away when you don't get that gratification the first (or second, or third) attempt.

Despite my attempts to save my beloved mid-drift, I cut it off and will have to remake it. I'm experimenting with darts or tucks instead of gathers to eliminate the diaper boob, and this time will make sure the bust fit is right before, for a second time, attaching and perfectly top-stitch a new mid-drift.

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