Tuesday, October 8, 2013

look what i got!

There has been a lot of stash-busting and purging on the sewing blog-o-sphere lately. And for my part, I've been doing really well at only buying new fabric for a specific project that I am at that very moment working on, and then only buying exactly what I need, instead of purchasing yards of fabric because it's on sale or pretty or I might use it for x project down the line. I even now have all my fabric in my sewing room displayed on open shelves, so I can see what I have and use that fabric first.

...and then this happened:

You can't tell by the picture, but that bag is pretty huge (and there is another 1/2 full box). But this time IT WAS FREE. I couldn't resist.

In the same week I had a friend who was moving and downsizing AND my mother was culling her stash. They invited me to come look and take what I wanted. To be fair, I really was selective on my choices, and already have two projects in the works from some of that haul. Yeah, I have a fabric problem... but looking at how much fabric I left behind at my parent's house... we know where I get it from.

But that's not even the exciting part! I also came home with this:

A serger (over-locker)! My mom upgraded hers and offered me this one a number of months back, but with all the moving and my level of sewing ability, I just wasn't ready for it yet. Now I've got it up and running in my new sewing room and I think it's going to be a really helpful tool for times when I want a finished seam but don't want to or I am not able to go through the process of a french seam or binding. Expect some new serged projects soon!


  1. You are going to love your serger. It makes the difference between things I had made that I was proud to wear and things that looked messy and "home sewn" inside.

    1. I recently lost a favorite handmade top because at the time I didn't know how to finished the shoulder seams and they unraveled, so I am hoping that my things will not only look better but last longer, too!