Monday, October 28, 2013

new pants

OK... so I didn't actually make the pants. (You may remember that I tried to make pants this spring but got so discouraged that they are balled up in my sewing drawer with the pins still in them and everything!)  But what I did do was make them work.

Picture yourself browsing you local Goodwill or thrift store, in my case looking for crummy jeans to paint in, and what do you find hanging on the end of the rack but a pair of like-new mustard yellow jeans (and I am SOOO into mustard yellow right now!). You try them on and they fit perfect! Except....

I'm 5" tall. So I'm pretty used to finding long pants in stores. I bought them anyway. The only issue with shortening this particular pair is that they had zippers at the ankle. "That will be a pain," I thought! That is , until I realized I could hem them completely above the zipper!

I carefully took out the zippers (Mustard yellow metal zippers... I'm holding on to these for a future project!), then finished the raw edge on my serger and folded up once for the new hem, using perfectly matching thread leftover from my picnic blanket skirt.

I'm saving those for later!

Thrift store shopping is one of the ways you can make some sewing skills really pay off! Now I have a pair of perfect length, on trend, nearly brand new, mustard yellow skinny jeans for less that $5!

orange with sparkle toenail polish for Halloween! so hot!


  1. What a fantastic find! This is the kind of thing that keeps my love of op shopping alive. That's some nice altering there; especially salvaging those zips!

    1. I realized just endothermic day that I hadn't bought any new cloths in a long time (except a pair of leggings my mom bought me) and how good i felt! I have been picking up a few awesome thrift store finds instead, like these jeans or a plum wool-blend coat. I'm enjoying that shopping more than shopping in the mall!