Wednesday, October 9, 2013

a music-themed thank you gift

Once I got my new serger up and running I thought, "why not use it to make my mom a thank you gift?" She gave me some of this very cool music-themed tapestry fabric that just needed to be a fold-over tote bag.

I used a tutorial by Make It Handmade, the same one that I used for my pleather purse, this time making the size closer to the original tutorial and adding the tote handles. One modification I did, which I learned from my pleather purse project, was to measure and cut the top taper before sewing up any of the seams. This time I also stopped the taper two inches from the top of the bag, so that the top hem would lay smoothly and not pucker or require any easing. My pattern piece looked something like this:
Tapestry fabric is thick, and can fray easily, so my new serger really shined on this project! I did all my seams on it, so I didn't have to have any bulky french seams or add lining, and serged the raw edge on the top of the bag, allowing me to just fold over once to hem, reducing bulk there. I top-stitched with my regular machine, as well as constructed the handles and strap on my regular machine with a black, bottom-wight cotton/poly fabric, because again, the tapestry would have been too bulky. I also think the sleek, black trim is a better design choice than using just the tapestry fabric, and looks pretty sharp! 

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