Wednesday, March 13, 2013

meeting my sewing goals: i'm going to put a fold-over waistband on everything

I mean, really? Is there anything more comfortable? My most worn RTW skirt is a black jersey skirt from Old Navy with a fold-over waistband (actually, there have been at least 3, because I wear them to threads and have to replace them). Also, they go with everything, and you can dress them up or down depending on the top.

One of the patterns included with my Sewing With Knits class is for just that kind of knit skirt; simple, a-line, and to-the-knee. You may remember that making some knit garmets was one of my late-winter/early-sping sewing goals. For the first skirt I used the same nice, heavy, jeggings fabric I used for my yoga-jeans, pattern also from Sewing With Knits. It made a great, comfy, casual skirt with that denim look to go with everything.

 The other skirt was made with this beautiful purple lace I picked up at Winmil Fabrics in Boston. My original plan per my pervious blog post was to use New Look 6053, that I'd used previously on my slim, black and white lace print skirt (I know, I know! A lot of lace! It's ok, it's totally on trend!). This particular lace had a good stretch to it, and since I'm enamored with making knit garments I thought this would be a nice little added challenge. AND, I had a similar purple jersey in my stash. AND, then I didn't have to put in a zipper. AND, did I mention that a fold-over jersey waistband makes for a WAY more comfortable skirt and so I want to put them on everything? I'm glad I made that choice, because I'm very, very pleased with the results.

 I made the lace overlay a little longer than the jersey, boot-length, so the the light will peek through the lace at the bottom of the skirt.

For the lace overlay, I combined the techniques for sewing with stretch and sewing with lace (which I had to look up on youtube because I'd not worked with lace before!). I did a french seam with a nice long stitch that had just a little bit of zig-zag.

I layered the lace on top of the jersey before I stitched up the waistband. It came out perfect, as if it were the same piece of fabric!

Before I sign off I need to put in an extra shout-out to Meg McElwee, the instructor for Sewing With Knits and designer or these awesome patterns, so go check her out. And lastly, didn't those last batch of photos come out great? More to post soon!

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