Thursday, March 7, 2013

these are not jeggings - and i don't like my black pants

I was so excited about my black pants. I had made a test garment and figured out how to add a little more room for my bum. The pockets looked perfect. I got the zipper fly in without too much problem. They fit great.... until the knee. Somehow it looked like my knee had a diaper! I took the whole leg in a little on the side, since it was also a smidge loose all over. Still looked wrong, and because McCalls 6707 has this side panel going up the outside of the leg, I couldn't just pin and sew until I got the fit I wanted. I tried taking in from the inseam instead, still doesn't look right. I can't seem to find the right combination of slim and straight that looks good! I think I'm going to have to take apart the seams of the side panel to take some in on the back and front pieces. But I'm frustrated.... so I just stuck them into my fabric drawer instead.

I am having better luck with with projects inspired from my Sewing With Knits class. I've made another ribbed jersey maxi-skirt with a fold-over waistband for my sister and these:

I found some great jeggings fabric (you know, jean leggings) on the clearance rack at Joann's, but what I made was WAY better than jeggings! I started with the fold-over yoga pant pattern included in the Sewing With Knits class. It make a wide-leg pajama style pant. I added back pockets that I copied off a pair of jeans I already love. I tried to make these little faux front pockets, too, but after I stitched them up they barely show at all. I will make them bigger next time.  And I also took took in the leg openings to match my jeans as well. The end result are not too skinny but slim, fold-over waist band yoga jeans! On me, the really look just like jeans from the back, but still like yoga pants in the front. I have yet to decided if they are going to be lounge-at-home pants, or look nice enough to be wear-out-of-the-house pants. Either way, I really like them am and very pleased with myself! And, I have enough fabric left to make a fold-over skirt!

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