Wednesday, August 5, 2015

summer taylor shorts

Last year I made a pair of printed GreenStyle Creation's Taylor Shorts and loved them, but sadly this year they are a little too snug to wear. That pattern fit so well before, that I printed off another copy (a plus to PDF patterns!) and just cut the next size up.
Check them out here:
You need very little fabric for the 2" inseam version, so I was able to cut a pair our of leftover black cotton/poly twill in my stash from the foldover tote bag I had made form  my sister way-back-when. The only things I had to purchase for this project was a zipper and some trouser hook & eyes, for a grand total of about $3.50!

Ignore the bunny fur... it's a constant in our house.

Sorry for the over-exposure... but it helps to see the details on a black garment! I adjusted the waistband to sit a little lower over the front of my hips, as the fabric was really pooling across the pockets. That might be why the hemlines got a little uneven along the sides, but not so badly that I'm going to unpick and re-sew them.

As I mentioned when I blogged my last pair of Taylor shorts, the pattern comes with great instructions with lots of photos. And this time I only had to unpick one seam when sewing in the fly! (I sewed the zipper all on one side....)

Aside from lowering the waistband in the front, the only other change I made to the pattern instructions was to understitch the pocket lining, so my fun, light-colored cotton lining wouldn't peak out!

oooo look at that nice top stitching!