Monday, August 17, 2015

inside a papercut printed pattern

Hello again! I've got another neat independent pattern to share with you today, this time from Papercut Patterns! I'll admit, I've not really considered purchasing their patterns before, in part because of the $25 (NZD) price tag and also... I'm not a big fan of their styling in their pattern photos. It's just not my vibe... but after a lot of though on what to make with my fabulous Italian silk splurge, and with their free international shipping and a favorable USD to NZD exchange rate, suddenly I found myself with a beautiful, Papercut Patterns Midsummer Night's Dream Dress pattern! Want to see what one of these looks like? Take a peek!

Here is how it arrived, all the way from New Zealand!



A nice, thick box to hold all the pieces.

Inside: a large single, craft-paper-style sheet with printed pattern and instructions, and a piece of string to keep all your pieces together once they are cut out.

Instructions to cut out and assemble a booklet with sewing instructions and information. (and my foot) 

The box turns into a hanger, and included instructions to hang your pattern pieces all together after using. I will most likely trace my pattern pieces, and keep the sheet in-tack a and store in the box.

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