Sunday, December 29, 2013

top 5 pf 2013 - part 2: misses

This year has been about learning, both in technique and personal style. Here are some of the not-so-successful garments:

#1 - pants

Doesn't that pattern look like a perfectly on-trend-yet-timeless pair of black pants? Thing were going so well, too.... I got the pocket and fly to look fab and altered the waistband  for a more contoured/comfortable rise. But the legs... I didn't even know you could have diaper knee! (You know, when the garment hangs and looks like you could have a wet diaper... except around the knee!) I tried and tried... and got very frustrated and threw it in the bottom of my sewing drawer with the pins still in and everything. That was February... and it's still there. I probably should have picked and easier-to-fit pattern for my first pair of pants. That side panel made fitting more challenging than in needed to be. Not only is this a fail because it's wadded up in my drawer, but also because it hurt my sewing self-esteem and mojo. I know now I was trying something too advanced for my budding skills. I should pull that wadder out and try again.

 #2 - McCalls 6503

Here is another case of major fitting frustrations leading to lack of desire to finish.  You can read more about my issues here, but I can tell you I pulled apart that (beautifully constructed!) bodice way too many times and it still doesn't fit right. It's currently pinned up to my cork board so that I will hopefully regain some desire to finish it.


#3 - bridesmaid's dress for my brother's wedding

I had such high hopes for this pattern and was SOOOO frustrated by the results! I didn't even take a picture before cutting the bodice apart.  I was using Butterick 5750, and so excited by this pattern that I actually paid FULL PRICE instead of finding an alternative in the sale patterns. I had tracked down the perfect, sheer modal jersey (more money that I had spent of fabric thus far!) to make if soft and comfy. After I had it assembled and tried it one... it made me look like a blimp! I probably should have sized down more to accommodate the stretch in the jersey, and saved all the cut-up pieces should I even want to look at it agian (yikes, I'm seeing a pattern here....). I ended up buying a lovely J. Crew dress at a consignment shop that worked just fine, but I soooooo wanted this one to work!


#4 - underwear

I love the idea of making my own underthings! What a great way to use up leftover pieces of jersey? So far I have only attempted So Zo... what do you know?'s free pattern. The looked great once together on my sewing table, but did not fit great on my body. The panties didn't come close to covering, and while the cami fit it was no way comfortable. At least my dress form can wear it!


I love this dress! I did a great job putting it together, the fit is amazing, I love the print.... yet I new wear it! It's not really a casual dress, but not quite fancy enough to dress up, and I never figured out how to style it for work. So this is on my list for not making it into my wardrobe, despite being an amazing piece! After realizing that, this piece taught me to be more thoughtful when selecting projects to ensure that it's something that will work for my lifestyle and personal style. Do you even make pieces like this? Fabulous ones that for some reason you just don't wear? It's really a great piece, though. I'm going to have to revisit it and reconsider how to style it to fit my life.



  1. Pesky pants - they are the sewing holy grail! What a shame you don't wear your Butterick dress, it is beautiful - maybe it just needs the right cardi to go with it - or maybe you just need to start wearing it to events even if you think it's too fancy - you can never look too swish! I love your hit list too - your bags are amazing especially the fold over pleather bag, and I love your knit cardi and the reindeer Renfrew! So cute!

    1. Awww, thanks! I WILL master pants in 2014! And another goal is to figure out how to where that dress in my daily life.

  2. Thanks for posting your 'misses' . As a new sewist, it gives me a realistic picture of what lies ahead and what a learning experience each item is - never really a waste!

    1. Thanks! When I was just starting out last year I had the same experience reading other blogger's year end hits and misses. Good luck on your 2014 sewing adventure! I hope to see some of your makes this year!