Sunday, December 1, 2013

hello mojo!

Sorry for the lack of sewing posted lately. I'd lost my mojo. Probably something to do with starting up a 5/week temp job for the holiday season. The first week or so getting into the grove really wipes you out. Maybe there has been some other things contributing to my mojo-loss, too.  Thankfully, I'd gotten most of my gift sewing done earlier in the fall so at least I don't have that looming over my head. And I feel like this weekend may have gotten my sewing back towards the right track! Feeling relaxed after a few schedule-free days, I cleaned and organized my sewing room, splurged on a little fabric, pulled together a few projects for the next few weeks, and started cutting and sewing again. Projects to post soon!

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  1. Sounds like the mojo is definitely on its way back! Looking forward to seeing all your new projects :) And I'm enormously impressed that you've got most of your gift sewing done - I'm just starting on mine!