Sunday, September 15, 2013

our first home improvement project - a little sewing diversion

You all know by now that we've just moved into our first house (yay!), and part of why we chose this house is that it didn't need much work done to it (yay!). BUT just because it doesn't need and work mean there's not things we want to change.  So before you continue on here is fair warning that there is no sewing in this post. If you read this blog just for sewing feel free to skip this read, no feelings hurt. But if you want to take a peak into my new house and what I've been doing to make it my own, read on!


Here is our bathroom, renovated recently by the previous owner. I'm sure that when he picked out that sink he thought "the buyers are going to love this!" In a different bathroom it would be a great sink. But as the only sink in the only bathroom in the house, it just wasn't cutting it. Without an under-sink cupboard there is no storage in the bathroom, the little side piece of glass is the only surface for soap or your toothbrush right next to the toilet, the clear glass basin showed every spot and speck, and when you turned on the water it shot out of the bowl and kit you in the stomach! Not good. Also notice the toilet paper on the back of the toilet; no TP holder.


Much better! We got the simple black vanity and white porcelain basin on sale for $99, installed it ourselves (in only 5 easy trips to the hardware store... hey, we haven't done this before!), had to purchase and install a smaller mirror to fit, put up a towel bar and some art (that we purchased on our 1-year anniversary get-away last month), and  bought a matching free-standing TP holder.

We also painted the walls grey to match the tile in the bathtub surround (a good choice on the previous owner's part) and installed a little matching hook to hang your towel on while in the shower! I love how it all came out and am so proud of our first project! Thanks for letting me show it off! As a reward for all you awesome readers, here is a picture of one of my house rabbits, Miss Maggie May Bunny!


  1. Awesome transformation... love it. Your bunny is so cute.

    1. Thanks, Sheila! She's a sweet rescue rabbit... a funny bunny!