Sunday, January 6, 2013

a made-by-me 2013!

Happy New Year! I've spend the past few days reading 2012 re-caps on my favorite sewing blogs. My resolution: to be writing my own this time next year! I've turned the spare room in our apartment (read: junk storage room) into my new sewing room, got my mom's old Singer working, and am ready for a made-by-me 2013!

Ok, so I did sew a little in 2012... but what a did sew was a big project!  I hadn't made clothing in years and what do I try to make? My reception dress for my August wedding: a strapless princess seamed dress with a full knee-length skirt, the entire thing made from yards and yards of ruched chiffon! What a pain to sew, but I did it and it came out even better than I expected! Maybe because I the material forced me to pay attention and follow directions (mostly) which I not always know for. Making a dress like that gave me a little boost of confidence to really try to make myself some fabulous cloths this year!

So what to make first? I decided that maybe something super simple and quick would get me off on the right foot. I remembered this pin on pinterest that I loved the styling of. A simple short white skirt with black leggings and a black sweater. How cute! But I needed a short white skirt.

I was very close to buying this version from

but then thought, "I can make that!" And what would be a great cozy fabric for a winter mini? Flannel  I love the idea of using flannel in unexpected way. Plus, flannel was on sale for $2.50/yard! I used a 1/2 yard (and had to shorted quite a bit to get the length I wanted so I could have used a 1/3), and made a simple gathered elastic-waist mini skirt. The hem wasn't laying right, so I decided to do a few more lines of stitching, which made a great added touch to the finish that I can pull off as intentional.  Could have used a lining or just two layers of flannel, but with leggings it's not really a big deal. Overall not perfect, but not bad start to made-by-me 2013! Already worn it out to dinner, so it's a good sign that I may get a lot of use out of it this winter.

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