Sunday, September 8, 2013

sewing at grammah's

Well it's been a very busy month full of changes! We are in our new house (our first house!), my brother's wedding went off perfectly, and I'm starting on a new adventure career-wise which means this is my last week at my workplace of the last 4.5 years. Needless to say, I've been busy! BUT before I continue I'd like to say a little "thank you" to Zoe of "So, Zo... What do you know?" for her aptly timed post on Monday titled "Sorry But No More Apologies."

So... on to the SEWING!

While we were living out of boxes in my Grandparent's basement for the three weeks before we closed on the house, I was able to set up a little sewing space in the corner of my grandmother's office! I saved out a few supplies for some specific projects, and actually got 2.5 pieces made during that short

My little temporary sewing space in the corner of the office.

I first made another jersey maxi skirt. The fabric was a Joann's clearance special, and was a perfect example of why people are afraid to sew with knits! It stretched and moved when cutting, it was full of cling that I just could seem to get rid off (I was afraid it would cling unflatteringly to my body as well, but thankfully not so!), and it pills after only only two washes! I still really like the skirt and wear it all the time. I used my modified fold-over skirt pattern, but this time made a casing for and elastic waistband instead of the fold-over waist-band.

Then I decided to tried and draft MY OWN pattern! My favorite sleeping shorts were starting to fall apart, so I finished the job and ripped out all the seams so I could trace the pieces. Using my new pattern pieces I recreated them in this fabulous purple bunny quilting cotton, with an elastic waistband and mock fly. They came out pretty good! I'm going to tweak (not to be confused with twerk...) the pattern then post them online for all of you!

Old comfy shorts.

Falling apart :(

I made a pattern!

Ta da!

So that's 2 makes... now the half. Remember that bridesmaid's dress I was making to wear in my brother's wedding on August 31st? I was using Butterick 5750 and a lovely, lightweight, emerald green, modal knit. I got it all together enough to try on and... it looked terrible on me. So just a few days before we moved into our new house I tore it all apart. I was so disappointed and overwhelmed... cause it should have looked so good and I did not have time to alter and re-sew it! Thankfully, I found a fabulous, silk J. Crew dress at a consignment store the next day. Problem solved. I was still disappointed that my dress didn't come out, but at least I looked good at the wedding and didn't have to stress myself out in the process, and the other bridesmaid loved the dress I made for her.

And that is what I made at while at Grammah's! We are now settling in our new house and my sewing room is not fully set up but functional (I'll post pics when it's all set up, because it will be fabulous!). I've been able to spend a few days sewing here already, but can't show pictures yet because it's Christmas sewing (Sorry, but expect an awesome post once presents are open in December!).


  1. Cute shorts! What a shame about the Butterick dress, it's such a lovely pattern.

    1. I know! That dress should have looked fabulous! It goes to show that sometimes you just can't tell until it's all together. I'd like to think I'll resew it soon, cause the fabric is so cool, but it may stay on the shelf for a little bit for my disappointment to dissipate. :)